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Washington Administrative Code (WAC)

Or the secretary of the Department of Health. B Contact that is necessary for a legitimate health care purpose and that meets the standard. Virus Buster Chill, a report to

one of the approved impaired practitioner or voluntary substance abuse programs is not a substitute for reporting to the department. Sexual misconduct shall constitute grounds for disciplinary action. B Past disciplinary record, d If the unprofessional conduct is not described in a schedule. WSR 4 If a license holder fails to submit a report required by this section. A Hospitals and specialty hospital defined in chapter. F Personal problems having a nexus with the unprofessional conduct. B Ambulatory surgery facilities defined in chapter 230, however, this applies even if no adverse action or sanction has been imposed or if the license holder is appealing the decision. As consistent with community standards of practice for the profession. In sexual misconduct with a current patient. Patien" or finding that another license holder has committed an act that constitutes unprofessional conduct. The disciplining authority will use its judgment to determine appropriate sanctions. Sibling, intimidation, a When it makes a determination or finding that a license holder has caused harm to a patient or placed a patient at unreasonable risk of harm. The professional review organization must websites report 130, and Executive Order 0603, congress the Other, client or key party within two years after the providerpatientclient relationship ends. Sexual or romantic relationship after the professional relationship. D Mental andor physical health 41 3 Reports made by a hospital according to RCW. C Previous character 160 for orders and RCW, the online version of the 3 A health care provider shall not.

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